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Class Information

Tap, Ballet, and Clogging classes are 30 minutes in length.  Jazz and Tap-Ballet Combo Classes are 40 minutes in length.

Tap/Ballet/Lyrical/Clogging/Jazz (30 minute class)$48/month
Tap-Ballet Combo (40 minute class)$50/month
Extended Combo (50 minutes)$65/month
Advanced Jazz/Advanced Lyrical (40 minute class)$50/month
Two Regular (30 minute) classes$82/month
Three Regular (30 minute) classes$120/month
One Regular class (30 minute) and One Advanced class (40 minute)$84/month
Two Advanced (40 minute) classes$90/month
Two Regular classes and One Advanced class$126/month
Private (30 minute)$75/month
Semi Private (30 minute)$60/month

Payment is due the first lesson of the month.  A late fee of $10 will be added for unpaid fees past the 15th of the month.

A $50 fee will be due in January for the cost of recital costumes.  Recital will be held in May.

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